Who Are We?

In keeping with our liberal, English tradition, North Adelaide Baptist is an open church. We seek a faith that is intelligent and informed and we strive to be an inclusive community.

Another way of putting that is that we continually endeavour to be a safe place where...

  • You are free to explore your own sense of the divine presence through word, music, silence and symbol;
  • You will not be told what you ought to believe;
  • You will encounter preaching that is relevant, topical and contemporary, and which takes seriously the insights of critical scholarship and our (post)modern world;
  • You will be encouraged to be open to new possibilities and perspectives;
  • You will experience the beauty of traditional church architecture, music and liturgy;
  • You will be welcomed without qualification or judgment and without ulterior motive.

What you will not find is:

  • Narrow-minded and rigid dogmatism;
  • A literal interpretation of the Bible;
  • An image of the divine that is paternalistic, militaristic, judgmental, interventionist or exclusively masculine.

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